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Our design office started its activities in the early nineties and since 1998 it has been operating under the trade name ad projekt L.L.C. in the field of complex design services. Currently, the company has six full-time employees and a number of proven permanent collaborators in the fields of special design professions, expert opinions and consulting.

Our project team, led by the chief project engineer, is able to provide complete design and engineering work of various extents. Over the years of our activity, we have extensive experience with projects of new residential, civil and industrial buildings, as well as with projects of reconstruction of existing projects. In our company, considerable emphasis is put on economic and technical project solutions. The standards of our work include mutual co-operation with the client and the construction supplier, as well as subsequent author’s supervision during the construction.

Robert Horák & Pavel Slezák
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1998 – 2021 již 23 let spolupráce s Vámi


Services offered

For the customer, we ensure the execution of all stages of complete project documentation of construction and engineering professions, in cooperation with architectural offices construction proposals and all engineering activities related to construction from discussing documentation with relevant state administration authorities and with network owners and administrators to technical supervision of investors during construction and final approval.

During the processing of documentation, we provide project management and coordination of all professional units from the position of chief project engineer (HIP). As part of a comprehensive range of services, we handle the necessary building permits, assessments and studies and subsequent engineering activities. Within the project, we place great emphasis on the economic side of the actual design of the building.

Project preparing

The subject of this part is to examine the investment plan, set preliminary requirements for the necessary input information and clarify the requirements related to the further progress of the project

Building design, architectural study

Elaboration of conceptual, shape, volume, material, technological, dispositional and operational solution of a building, object or facility, or their set, the meaning and purpose of which is mutual clarification of intentions and construction program between client and designer and verification of feasibility of construction program in selected area. The introductory part is elaborated in variants and solves the basic volume principles. The selected variant of the concept is being finalized into the final form of the building design in possible partial alternatives.

Project and engineering activities for land management

Processing the location of the building in the given locality in accordance with the spatial planning documentation on the basis of previous documentation of the building design and to the extent resulting from the relevant administrative proceedings. The scope and content of individual parts must be adapted to the type, significance, location, construction and technical design, purpose of use, environmental impact and duration of the construction.

Project and engineering activities for construction management

Elaboration of a construction project to the extent enabling the commencement of administrative proceedings for a building permit if the conditions for the location of the construction are met and the scope and content of individual parts of the type, significance, location, construction, use, environmental impact and duration of construction are adapted.

Documentation for implementation of the construction

Completion of project documentation in the form of a binding technical solution for the construction of structures, materials, indoor environment technology, operation, technology of operation, hygiene, environment, accessibility, fire protection and infrastructure.

The principles of construction organization need to be extended to include environmental protection during implementation. To elaborate in detail complex shapes and atypical elements, on which the designer places special requirements and which must be respected during the construction. The detail of processing must be in accordance with the possibility of the basis for the supplier’s documentation and the elaboration of a detailed list of works, supplies and services, including a statement of acreage. From the conditions resulting from the building permit, the documentation may also be prescribed for a certain scope of the construction as a basis for the inspection activities of the building authority during the construction. The project documentation is processed in details enabling a list of construction works, supplies and services with a statement of acreage to be prepared.

Tender documentation and survey reports

The elaboration of the list of construction works, supplies and services, including the statement of acreage, states, in direct connection with the available project documentation, but preferably the documentation for the construction, all items necessary for the full implementation of the intended construction work. The tender documentation for the construction is processed on the basis of detailed items. Outside the public procurement regime, in agreement with the investor, or if the content and scope of the documentation is governed by another legal regulation, the tender documentation for the construction may be processed on the basis of aggregated items.

Author’s supervision

As part of the author’s supervision, the inspection of the compliance with the valid project documentation by the construction contractor, approval of deviations and modifications is performed. The person performing author’s supervision participates in inspections of the building conducted by the building authority, in the commissioning of the building and its technical and technological equipment, and in the final inspection of the building. It also cooperates in the handover and acceptance of the construction or its part, provides cooperation in the elimination of defects and unfinished work and in complaint procedures. AD performs inspections of the construction diary and makes entries in it.


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    Bank details: KB a.s. pobočka PRAHA 6

    account number: 271555890267 / 0100

    IČO: 25696548
    DIČ: CZ 25696548

    The company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Commercial Court in Prague, Section C, File 62024.

    The ad projekt company performs its design activities on the basis of a trade license issued to a legal entity registration number 310006-0441798 from the day 11.9.1998 business subject Project activity in construction (responsible representative Ing. Robert Horák). The basis for the issue of this trade license is the Certificate of Authorization number 20513 issued by the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in Construction Ing. Robert Horák (authorization in the field of civil engineering).
    The company permanently maintains liability insurance for damages caused by design activities with the CSOB insurance company in the amount of CZK 5 million.
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